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G2 Ergonomics makes an aluminum throttle tube with a removable cam system designed to adjust engine response by means of increasing or decreasing the distance your throttle cable travels when you twist your throttle. There are four cam options; stock-CAM100X, quick turn-CAM050X, intermediate- CAM200X, and slippery-CAM400X. Let's take CAM200 as an example of how it works; as the throttle is twisted, there is a flat spot in the cam that keeps the throttle cable from being pulled as much as the stock cam. The result is less jarring hit through the initial throttle twist. As the throttle is pulled more, the ramp brings the cable right back to the stock arc pattern never losing any degree of power, just taming it's delivery. At full throttle with any of the G2 cams, the slide will be fully open, just as stock. The cams easily slide onto the end of the tube, firmly locking into place. Switching them is as easy as removing the throttle body from the housing. All tubes have a removable end cap for hand guard installation.

We tested the quick turn setup on our 07 KX250F and 07 RMZ450. We found it worked really well on the 250 and made it feel like the hit came on faster, the motor seemed to rev more quickly which was exactly what we were looking for. Coupled with the super smooth operation it really brought the 250 to life. On the flip side, we had to be careful on dusty hard pack conditions as the lack of traction made the more sensitive bike feel a little nervous and required better throttle control to keep the rear end in line.

On the 450 with the quick turn set up, the hit was too intense, the power came in way too fast. It was exciting no doubt but it made the RMZ feel too sensitive to throttle position changes which made the bike feel jumpy. We switched to the 200CAM and found the power delivery to be exceptionally smooth which allowed us to ride longer with less fatigue. Again, exactly what we hoped for. With the 400CAM throttle response was a little too soft for our taste on the track but was perfect for a long trail ride.

Retail: $59.95 - $99.95

Go to and get one for your bike. You'll be glad you did!